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Phrase of the Week

Phrase of the Week

The "Phrase of the Week" or simply "The Phrase" is a weekly "newsletter", based on a motivational message that comes to your e-mail from "Authentic Greece". It consists of a single Quote/Phrase of a well-known person, the value of which has been established over the years for its wisdom and / or humor, contributing to comprehensive and targeted thinking, always with a positive approach and "authenticity".

Every week 1 or 2 links will be included in our newsltter:
a) News about Food, Nutrition & Recipes, based on Mediterranean Diet
b) Holidays & Sightseeing suggestions

Terms of Use
It's simple: if for any reason you want to stop receiving the "Phrase" you can send us a relevant message or activate the corresponding option available within the PHRASE message.
If you want to recommend us to your friends select the appropriate option available by sending us their e-mail address. Apparently our PHRASEs are not subject to copyright, since they are not even ours, but if you use them we will be honored if you refer to us.

Note: We are happy to supply you with PHRASES from our archives and collections of Quotes.

The "Authentic Greece" Team

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